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The year is 1938, and Mahatma Gandhi's groundbreaking philosophies are sweeping across India, but 8-year-old Chuyia, newly widowed, must go to live with other outcast widows on an ashram. Her presence transforms the ashram as she befriends two of her compatriots.

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By Dhwani Mankad
Yet again, Deepa Meha proves her brilliance.

A heart-wrenching film addressing the issue of widows in India and how they are mistreated. It depicts the reality of the situation, no sugarcoats or delusional happy endings. It also teaches us how fragile we are in some ways, strong in others. The way conservative society is just horrible, and at some point they themselves start believing it. But once in a while, there is someone who tries to do things differently, and they get trampled. This is a tale about one of those people. And oh, does she get trampled.

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