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Virodhi 2011

a.k.a Virodhi

Virodhi Director : Neelakanta

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Virodhi is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Virodhi Plot

Political journalist Jayadev (Meka Srikanth) unearths several scams made by a politician (Ahuti Prasad) who in turn invites him to bribe him. The but idealistic Jayadev refuses to relent, and as they discuss, a group of Maoists attack the politician and kill him off and Jayadev is held as their hostage. Along with Jayadev, the group of Maoists led by Gogi (Ajay) head to their base camp in a dense forest. During the journey, their ideologies are tested; good and bad are exposed, in a dramatic way.

Virodhi Cast

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