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Virgin River is streaming online on Netflix.

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After seeing an ad for a midwife, a recently divorced big-city nurse moves to the redwood forests of California, where she meets an intriguing man.

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Engagement. Babies. Heartbreak. Murder. For a small town, Virgin River has its fair share of drama — and Mel Monroe is often in the middle of it. Watch the official trailer for Season 2 #trailer
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  • 12. Episode 12
    30 Nov '23 [To be aired]
  • 11. Episode 11
    30 Nov '23 [To be aired]
  • 10. Episode 10
    07 Sep '23
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User Review
  • 3/5
By Amish Gupta
Sweet but conventional

I am getting a little tired of dramas where protagonists decide to completely uproot their lives, almost shun their close friends and family and move to the middle of nowhere, because their internal peace definitely lies in some small, isolated town preferably with a heck of a lot of woods.

While the show may not offer a riveting or a novel plot-line, but strong performances and well-developed characters indeed come to its rescue. Mel (Alexandra Breckenri), who has recently suffered loss finds herself, for a change of pace, amidst very cliche characters of a small town that we are so used to seeing. A few of them include a know-it-all, adamant and self-proclaimed custodian of the town -...

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