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வசூல் ராஜா MBBS 2004

a.k.a Vasool Raja MBBS

வசூல் ராஜா MBBS Director : Saran

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வசூல் ராஜா MBBS is streaming online on Sun NXT.

வசூல் ராஜா MBBS Plot

Vasool Raja is in a gang of rowdy debt collectors. When his parents come for a visit, he and his gang pretend that they are running a hospital. When his parents find out he was only pretending to be a doctor, he is determined to become one to win back their trust.

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User Review
  • 4/5
By Niranjani
If you love puns, you are in for a treat.

This movie is a remake of "Munna bhai MBBS", which is a adaptation of Robin William's master piece, "Patch Adams". One liner from Patch Adams has been presented with sensible and necessary humor and masala.

Director has done a good job in remaking, but my credit goes to the dialogue writer, Crazy Mohan. He is a king of puns, and the comedy is evergreen. You can watch it more than once and my magic number is in double digits.

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