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Varnajalam 2004

a.k.a Varnajalam

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Varnajalam Plot

A retired policeman, Devanathan, begins a new life with his family (which includes his brother and his wife) to keep his past. Devanathan's daughter Anita is a teenager, and his son, Ashwin, is a troubled young man. One morning, a young man named Daniel arrives with a recommendation letter from a priest. One day Devanathan gets into an argument with Ashwin, who goes to Daniel's office. Daniel behaves insanely and begins hurting himself. In the hospital Daniel begins dreaming about Abhirami, threatens Ashwin with a knife and cuts himself. Later, Daniel starts a fire in the house. Ashwin is taken to a mental hospital. Daniel disguises himself and spies on Devnathan's sister-in-law when she is bathing, thinking it was Devanathan. When riding her bicycle, Anita discovers Daniel's motorcycle and is shocked to see Daniel performing rituals for Abhirami.

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