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Vamanapuram Bus Route 2004

a.k.a വാമനപുരം ബസ്റൂട്ട്

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Vamanapuram Bus Route Plot

Vamanapuram Bus Route movie is all about Lever Johnny who is a bus conductor. e beats up everything and anybody who comes in his way and showers abuses at everybody. This drama every night disturbs the Vamanapuram village. The trouble of Lever Johny started with the railway gate that separates the village from other regions always lying closed and the road is not tarred due to which the bus does not come to the village. The village is filled with idiots (Vamanans) and their chief is Gopalan Nair. Panchayat president Gopalan Nair, a man famous for his wickedness wants to start a bus service in his village. The opposition party in the village panchayat is against this idea, as they suspect Nair

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