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Allein gegen die Zeit - Der Film 2016

a.k.a Time Heroes

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Berlin students Ben, Jonas, Leo, Ozzi and Sophie are on a class trip to "boring" Hildesheim. Their schedule includes visiting the medieval cathedral and witnessing a complete solar eclipse, but destiny intervenes… A bomb goes off at the cathedral and the students are evacuated by the police, only to find themselves in the clutches of an occult secret society calling themselves the Lunaris Cult, who aim to use an ancient pagan artifact, the Irminsul, to harness the vital force of their teenage captives and use it for their own purposes on the eclipse. The evil cultists are after immortality and divine power, and are even prepared to sacrifice the friends' lives. Ben and his gang manage to escape. Chased from one danger to the next, the cultists pursue them, closing in on them more and more. The fanatics have it all planned out, it seems, leaving nothing to chance. They disable the cell phone networks and satellite connections, leaving the friends to fend for themselves...

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More Directed by Christian Theede
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