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Thee Nagar 2007

a.k.a Thee Nagar

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Thee Nagar Plot

Yamaha Murugan (Karan) is a do-gooder, who commands respect from student’s community for his good deed as students chairman in a city college. Unable to find a lucrative job, he sets up a tea shop in front of the college from here he passed out. Life goes smooth for Murugan until he comes across a corrupt cop FIR Murthy (Shanmugarajan). Murugan is targeted for no fault of his by FIR Murthy. Nadhiya (Udhayathara), a girl next door falls for Murugan's good conduct. Both develop romance. However a bloody duel between Murugan and Murthy brings a change in the former's life. The rest is the battle between the two to assert their supremacy over one other that ends with a riveting climax.

Thee Nagar Cast

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