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In 1375, China was in chaos between Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty. Coryo (an ancient kingdom of Korea then) sent a delegation of many diplomats, soldiers and a silent slave to make peace with the new Chinese government. However, this delegation got charged as spies and sent in exile to a remote desert.

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  • 4.5/5
By MovieMavenGal

Irrfan Khan is wonderful as a warrior/enforcer for a lord in a vague feudal time in India. Sent to teach a local village a lesson for not paying their proper taxes to the lord, he nearly kills a young girl when he has a vision of himself suddenly in the snowy mountains with the same girl. Shaken, he vows to never raise his sword again, but the lord and the other warriors make him now the hunted.

The cinematography and the scenery is beautiful and stark. There is not much dialogue, and Irrfan Khan is able to express all he is feeling without saying anything. This was his first starring role, and I highly recommend it.

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