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The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes 1971

Series Ended (1971 - 1973)

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  • 26. The Mystery of the Amber Beads
    23 Apr '73
  • 25. The Looting of the Species Room
    16 Apr '73
  • 24. The Missing Q.C.s
    09 Apr '73
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The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes is a British television series that was produced by Thames Television and originally broadcast on the ITV Network. There were two series of 13 fifty-minute episodes; the first aired in 1971, the second in 1973. The programme presented adaptations of short mystery, suspense or crime stories featuring, as the title suggests, detectives who were literary contemporaries of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes took its inspiration – and title – from a series of published anthologies by Hugh Greene, elder brother of author Graham Greene and the former director-general of the BBC. Hugh Greene is credited on the programme as a creative consultant. The authors and detectives featured on the programme include: ⁕Robert Barr ⁕Guy Boothby ⁕Ernest Bramah ⁕R. Austin Freeman ⁕Jacques Futrelle ⁕Adalbert Goldscheider, a.k.a. "Balduin Groller" ⁕George Griffith

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