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The Inbetweeners is streaming online on Netflix.

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Welcome to a world of futile crushes, sibling brawls, getting drunk too quickly and casting constant aspersions about your friends' sexuality.

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  • 6. The Camping Trip
    18 Oct '10
  • 5. Home Alone
    11 Oct '10
  • 4. The Trip to Warwick
    04 Oct '10
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User Review
  • 3.5/5
By Jalaj Mani

I watched this for the first time with low expectations and i thought that it couldn't be as funny as it looked. How wrong i was this is a hilarious take on growing up as a teenager no matter where your from everyone can relate to the story. Everyone has a mate who over exaggerates on their sexual exploits! Not to give too much away but i would definitely recommend that you give this a go!

Total worth it.

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