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Set in a dystopian future, a woman is forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship. A TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel.

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  • 13. Mayday
    14 Aug '19
  • 12. Sacrifice
    07 Aug '19
  • 11. Liars
    31 Jul '19
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The Handmaid's Tale introduces us to Gilead, a place where when three bells strike, it's time for a "salvaging". If you love drama, sex and violence, then it's the right show for you. The Handmaid's Tale establishes a patriarchal America where a religious organisation holds true power of all. It takes us into the lives of the various handmaids of Gilead, pushed into subordination and forced into acts that will shake your core. Offred (played by Elizabeth Moss) is our lead heroine who plays a handmaid in this world, coerced into being a concubine for a family of a higher status. All in all, The Handmaid's Tale is a multifaceted, dark dystopian narrative of what the world may soon become. ...

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