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Tanaav 2022

Tanaav Creator : Sudhir Mishra Sachin Krishn

Tanaav Plot

Set against the idyllic backdrop of Kashmir in the year 2017, Tanaav tells the story of a Special Unit, their bravery and courage. Delving into the human drama behind the ideologies, dealing with complex emotions and flawed characters, all of whom share the same feelings of love, loss, betrayal and revenge, Tanaav is a socio-political action drama with family at its core. Kabir, a special task force veteran, is brought out of retirement to hunt down an enemy, Umar Riaz, he thought he had neutralised but is still alive. He, along with a reassembled special task force, decides to infiltrate Umar's brother's wedding after learning that Umar would be in attendance. However, when things do not go as planned, Kabir and his team must give their all to ensure the dangerous man is caught.

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Latest Episodes - Tanaav
  • 12. Chaos
    18 Nov '22
  • 11. Came Before the Storm
    18 Nov '22
  • 10. Undeterred
    18 Nov '22
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