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Sukhamo Devi 1986

a.k.a സുഖമോ ദേവി

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Nandan (Shankar) an introverted singer from a poor background falls in love with Devi (Urvashi). Their friends Sunny (Mohanlal) and his girlfriend Thara (Geetha) are quite the opposite and are extremely outgoing. When Devi's parents do not approve of her relationship with Nandan, they try to force her into an arranged marriage. Sunny and their other friends decide to help the couple elope. However things go awry when Sunny & Vinod (Jagathy) meet with a horrific accident.

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  • Malayalam Full Movie | Sukhamo Devi | HD Movie | Ft. Mohanlal, Geetha, Shanker, Urvashi
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