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Sri Anjaneyam 2004

a.k.a Sri Anjaneyam

Sri Anjaneyam Director : Pasupuleti Krishna Vamsi

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Sri Anjaneyam is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Sri Anjaneyam Plot

when I saw Jayam and Dil. I observed him for a couple of months. After deciding that Nitin is an apt actor for this role, I approached him and signed him for the main lead role. The hero in this film is a fanatic devotee of Lord Anjaneya. After observing his loyalty to Lord Anjaneya, the village men start calling him 'Anji'. I wanted an actor who possesses those qualities of divinity, authority and purity. I don't want the image of that actor to dominate the character he is playing. He should look soft. But there should be enormous strength behind that soft looks. The best example is 'Oke Okkadu' film in which Arjun looked so soft, but shows his enormousness and power with his deeds as CM.

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