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Souten Ki Beti 1989

a.k.a Souten Ki Beti

Souten Ki Beti Director : Saawan Kumar

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Souten Ki Beti is streaming online on Jio.

Souten Ki Beti Plot

Despite being in love with Radha, Shyam fulfils his father's dying wish and marries Rukmini and they manage to find a good balance as husband and wife. Whilst on a trip to a hill station, they meet a 5 year old girl who takes them to her home and exposes an unknown truth - the little girl Dolly is Shyam's own daughter by Radha. Rukmini rises to the occasion as a great woman and accepts and adopts Radha as a second wife of Shyam and Dolly as their daughter, without caring for society and the law. They live happily under one roof until Dolly falls in love with a high society advocate's son Amit. But society doesn't accept Dolly and charges her of being a illegal child and they must face both social and legal barriers as well as family turmoil in a fight to be together.

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