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Series Ended (1995 - 2008)

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Snacka om nyheter was the Swedish version of the BBC series Have I Got News for You, broadcast by Sveriges Television. It was first broadcast on March 5, 1995 on TV2 and hosted by Stellan Sundahl. On February 22, 1999, Stellan Sundahl died, days after taping an episode that was shown the day before he died. The show was put on hiatus and the three remaining episodes were replaced by commemorative programmes. The show returned in November 2000 and was hosted by Sven Melander who would continue hosting it until the show's cancellation. The last programme was broadcast on December 21, 2003. Snacka om nyheter took many rounds from the British original, including the "Film Round", "Tabloid Headlines", "Odd One Out", "Missing Words" and "Caption Competition". Other elements borrowed from Have I Got News for You were the opening that included the phrase "Good evening and welcome to Snacka om nyheter" followed by a punch-line and the three "news reports" in the beginning as well as the humorous...

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  • 20. Episode 20
    04 Dec '08
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    03 Dec '08
  • 18. Episode 18
    27 Nov '08
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