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Sharjah to Sharjah 2001

a.k.a ഷാർജ ടു ഷാർജ

Sharjah to Sharjah Director : Venugopan

Where to watch online?

Sharjah to Sharjah is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Sharjah to Sharjah Plot

Unni is wrongly accused for murder of Kannan in Dubai. Sheikh Al Mubharak Rasim Khalid tells Unni's elder brother Nandagopalan Vishwanathan that he can release Unni if he gets he can get a letter from Kannan's family that they have pardoned Unni and all the members of Unni's family should sign the letter. Nandagopalan goes to Unni's house disguised as a Sheikh from Sharjah and trying to fool everyone in signing the letter without telling the truth of the contents of the letter.

Sharjah to Sharjah Cast

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