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Shambo Shiva Shambo 2010

a.k.a Shambo Shiva Shambo

Shambo Shiva Shambo Director : Samuthirakani

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Shambo Shiva Shambo is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Shambo Shiva Shambo Plot

Karunakar, Malli and Chandu are close friends and each of them has individual goals. Karunakar is in love with his cousin whose father wants him to get a government job first. Malli dreams of going to a foreign land as soon as he gets his passport, while Chandu aims to set up a Computer training centre and is in love with Karunakar’s sister Pavithra. The trio enjoy life hanging out together. Karunakar’s friend Santosh, son of a politician, is in love with his family’s arch rival's daughter. The three friends come forward to unite these love birds against all odds. In the process, Karunakar loses job and misses his cousin, Malli loses his hearing, and Chandu has his leg amputated. 10 days later, the married lovers seek divorce. The friends, who sacrificed so much to unite them, now teach them a lesson.

Shambo Shiva Shambo Cast

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