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Rupture(s) 1993

Rupture(s) Director : Christine Citti

Rupture(s) Plot

When a woman fed-up with life in general commits suicide, what's left ? In the same vein, a lover, a mother, a friend, a few buddies, all orphans, all well-to-do, but mainly lost at sea without a ship. The lover : Paul, a lone wolf who tries to escape from his memories through drink or by chasing women as though they were the cure to everything. The best friend : Lucie, coming and going, suitcase in hand , as though she were carrying a corpse or a time bomb, ready to flee at the drop of a hat with her suitcase of course. The mother : Marthe. Between shovel and incinerator, she counts her dead, cat and husband included. And then, there is Lucien, madly running after Lucie, screeching guitar in hand. And the others, always running.

Rupture(s) Cast

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