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Rangoon Radha 1956

a.k.a ரங்கோன் ராதா

Rangoon Radha Director : A. Kasilingam

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Rangoon Radha is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Rangoon Radha Plot

Rangoon Radha, Sivaji Ganesan plays a rich hypocrite, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, married to a loving, dutiful wife (Bhanumathi). He covets his sister-in-law (Rajam) and manipulates his wife’s mind to make her believe that she is going insane. Instead of seeking medical advice, he gets a witch doctor to exorcise the evil spirit that is believed to possess her. Because of her undying love for her husband, she suffers all the torture, mental and physical, and even puts up with his marrying her sister (Rajam).

Rangoon Radha Cast

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