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Pyar Ki Jeet 1987

a.k.a Pyar Ki Jeet

Pyar Ki Jeet Director : Saawan Kumar Tak

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Pyar Ki Jeet is streaming online on Jio.

Pyar Ki Jeet Plot

The story surrounds the lives of Dr. Rehman (Shashi Kapoor) who believes in saving the lives of the poor, instead of opening up a clinic in a big city and making money; Soni (Rekha), an innocent village girl, who was abducted by dacoits during her marriage with Dharma (Puneet Issar), and when the police rescue her and bring her back to her groom, he and his family reject her, making her seem like a fallen woman; Dr. Kumar (Ashok Kumar) who is the very opposite of Dr. Rehman; and Dr. Anand (Vinod Mehra), the son of Dr. Kumar. Dr. Anand practices under Dr. Rehman, who testified for him during a criminal trial for malpractice which resulted in the death of the husband of Rani Sahiba (Moon Moon Sen). Soni has fallen in love with Dr. Anand, but Dr. Anand has strong reservations against her, due to her background.

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