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Puttintiki Ra Chelli 2004

a.k.a పుట్టింటికి రా చెల్లి

Puttintiki Ra Chelli Director :

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Puttintiki Ra Chelli Plot

Sivanna (Arjun) and Lakshmi (Swati) are siblings. Their parents die when they were kids. Sivanna took the entire responsibility of raising his sister. Lakshmi falls in love with Ajay (Srinath). Sivanna marry off his sister to Ajay. But Ajay's family member is against to this marriage. When Ajay leaves abroad for an assignment, family of Ajay plots a conspiracy on Lakshmi and accuses her of having an extramarital affair with the car driver.Ajay believes in his mother and starts abusing Lakshmi. When Sivanna comes to know about it, he offers to take her back to his home. But she refuses. The rest of the film is all about how Sivanna finds out evidence to prove the innocence of his sister.

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