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Series Ended (2011 - )

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One Man Army is a reality television game show produced by Renegade 83 for the Discovery Channel. The show pits four men against various challenges to test intelligence, decision-making, endurance, and physical strength. The host, Mykel Hawke, is a former Green Beret. The show begins with four contestants, and the challenges test, in the following order, each of their Speed, Strength, and Intelligence. In the first contest, the two best contestants with the fastest time go on to the next contest. The two weakest contestants go against each other in another elimination contest, the one who wins goes on with the first two. In the second contest, the three contestants strength is tested, and the weakest contestant is eliminated. In the third contest, the two contestants have a test of their ability to solve a puzzle or other intellectual challenge. The winner is given the title of "One Man Army" and $10,000. A contestant can "tap out" of a contest if they are completely unable to finish it; they...

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