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Naalaya Theerpu 1992

a.k.a Naalaya Theerpu

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Naalaya Theerpu Plot

Naalaya Theerpu starring by vijay. Srividya was molested by Radharavi while she was young. Radharavai was Srividya's husband but cheated on her and married many other woman. Srividya raises her son (Vijay) all by herself through facing a lot of problems. Vijay goes to college and falls in love with a girl. Then, Srividya and Vijay decide to go and live in Radharavi's house. However, Radharavi brings his other wives to his house to have sex. Then Vijay and Srividya decide to leave the house and go to where they originally lived. Then Vijay's step brother kills someone and blames...

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