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Minsara Kanna 1999

a.k.a Minsara Kanna

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Minsara Kanna is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Minsara Kanna Plot

Indra Devi (Kushboo), the sister of Ishwarya (Monicka), is very rich and arrogant. Priya (Rambha) is her personal assistant. Kasi (Vijay) is the son of Mani (Mannivannan) and has fallen in love with Monicka in Germany. After hearing the story Indra Devi, Kasi come to India with all his family.Meanwhile Indra Devi is challenged by Vedhachalam (Mansur Ali Khan) who has also sent his son (Karan) to study in Germany. Karan also falls in love with Ishwarya.

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