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Mere Huzoor 1968

a.k.a Mere Huzoor

Mere Huzoor Director : Vinod Kumar

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Mere Huzoor is streaming online on Jio.

Mere Huzoor Plot

Akhtar Hussain saves the life of Nawab Salim, and earns his gratitude. Salim invites Akhtar to come to his palatial home, and Akhtar does so. On the way, he meets beautiful Saltanat, and falls in love with her. On arrival at Salim's house, Akhtar is treated with utmost respect, provided employment, and a place to live. Akhtar meets with Saltanat and both plan to get married. Unknown to them, Salim also loves Saltanat, but Saltanat rejects his advances, and proposal, leaving his heartbroken. Soon Saltanat and Akhtar get married and settle down. Saltanat soon gives birth to a son. Salim is very affectionate with this child, and the child too grows to like Salim. Akhtar, meanwhile, has fallen in bad company, drinks alcohol, and romances a courtesan.

Mere Huzoor Cast

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