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Meesa Madhavan 2002

a.k.a മീശ മാധവൻ

Meesa Madhavan Director : Lal Jose

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Meesa Madhavan is streaming online on Jio, Eros Now and Sun NXT.

Meesa Madhavan Plot

Madhavan (Dileep) is a clever thief who does robbery for a living. He is following the principles of his mentor Mullani Pappan (Mala Aravindan). Meesa Madhavan got his name by the popular saying that if Madhavan rolls his Mustache (Meesa in Malayalam) looking at someone, he will rob his house that night. His enemy was a local money lender Bhageerathan Pillai (Jagathy Sreekumar) who refused to give back his father's property. Madhavan falls in love in Bhageerathan Pillai's daughter Rukmini (Kavya Madhavan). The sub inspector in the village Eappen Pappachi (Indrajith) has an eye on Rukmini. He steals the idol from the local Temple with the intention of selling it and puts the blame on Madhavan. It becomes Madhavan's responsibility to find the culprits and he does that with his mentor's help and thus uniting with his girl friend.

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