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Luther is streaming online on Disney+ Hotstar and Prime Video.

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A dark psychological crime drama starring Idris Elba as Luther, a man struggling with his own terrible demons, who might be as dangerous as the depraved murderers he hunts.

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  • 4. Episode 4
    04 Jan '19
  • 3. Episode 3
    03 Jan '19
  • 2. Episode 2
    02 Jan '19
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  • 5/5
By Srijith Gopal

Luther is an approachable version of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock seems to be perfect without any imperfections, but Luther is much more relatable and also he proves the fact that all humans aren't perfect. This is one fine TV show which takes us through the life of a British Cop who tries to balance his personal life with his work. He is a gifted with excellent detective skills but his gift also gets him into some sticky situations. Idris Elba's role as John Luther is flawless. He portrays the role of a pain stricken man whose life is being torn apart , which he nailed it. For all those who wants to watch a good detective TV series i suggest you watch Luther.

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