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Love in Mandya 2014

a.k.a Love in Mandya

Love in Mandya Director : Arasu Anthare

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Love in Mandya is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Love in Mandya Plot

Cable Shile (Manjunath aka Moote Manja) a sidekick and a close friend of Karna helps him win over Susu or Sushma. While this forms the first half, the second part starts with an interesting twist at the interval when Karna and Susu elope after getting married in order to avoid family conflicts. They land up in Hosur where they face hurdles at every step. It is here that Karna falls into a patch of bad luck and ends up in a situation where he has to deal with a few gangsters. Will the couple be able to live a peaceful life or be forced to return to their hometown? This forms the rest of the story with a climax that springs a surprise to the audience.

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