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Les Misérables is streaming online on Netflix.

Les Misérables Plot

An adaptation of the successful stage musical based on Victor Hugo's classic novel set in 19th-century France, in which a paroled prisoner named Jean Valjean seeks redemption.

Box Office

Budget : $61 mn
Box Office : $441.8 mn

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  • Les Miserables Official International Trailer 1 2012
User Review
  • 3.5/5
By Gaurav

How you feel walking out of this film two and a half hours later will depend a great deal on what you brought into it going in. Maybe you listened to the soundtrack fanatically in high school and still know all the words to "On My Own."

Hugh Jackman, as the hero and former prisoner Jean Valjean, is a musical theatre veteran and seems totally in command.

Samantha Barks gives an effortless performance as the lonely and doomed Eponine.

Other ones did not impressed much.

But u may even cry when key characters die, even though u know full well what fate awaits them.

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