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Not in Textbooks 6 2019

a.k.a 教科書にないッ!6

Not in Textbooks 6 Director : Shota Sasaki

Not in Textbooks 6 Plot

Based on a popular comic by Kazuto Okada, this is the sixth episode of the series, which is the final story of the school romantic comedy "Not in Textbooks!" that depicts the cohabitation life of a cute and popular high school girl and a Japanese language teacher swayed by her. Aya Shirakaba became a third-year student at Otome High School, and now it's only one year before graduating. It's been another year since she lived with her homeroom teacher, Arihiko Tairaku, but at that time, a story about a marriage with May was brought up in Tairaku. On the other hand, Aya's father, who wanted to separate her daughter who is too close to Tairaku from him, tells Aya about studying abroad. Aya listens to her father and decides to study abroad. Ayaka Morikawa and Ryouma Baba, who have starred in the whole series, play Aya and Tairaku respectively, and Sena Natsuki, a gravure idol, plays the role of May who is in a triangular relationship with the two.

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  • 劇場版 教科書にないッ!6
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