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Kondaveeti Raja 1986

a.k.a Kondaveeti Raja

Kondaveeti Raja Director : K. Raghavendra Rao

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Kondaveeti Raja is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Kondaveeti Raja Plot

Kondaveeti Raja is action drama based movie in which, Chiranjeevi played a role of archeologist in disguise of a village youth in this movie. Kondaveeti Raja In kondaveedu, there is an old fort and every one in that village believes that there is a hidden treasure inside.Raogopalrao, a rich man in the village, tries every possible way to explore that treasure. An archeological assistant ,Raja (Chiru) comes to this village in disguise as an ordinary youth in search of a job. He unearths the secret of this hidden treasure.Now Raja, becomes a problem for Raogopalrao by interfering in all his misdeeds.Unexpectedly Raja

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