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Kokila 1977

a.k.a ಕೋಕಿಲ

Kokila Director : Balu Mahendra

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Kokila is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Kokila Plot

Kokila (Shoba), a medical college student lives with her father, an engineer and her mother in a home in Madras. A house maid (Roja Ramani) who is very close to the family also lives with them. As Kokila's father travels a lot and his wife suffering from health problems, they decide to keep a paying guest. Vijayakumar (Kamal Haasan), a bank executive comes and lives in the household as a paying guest. Kokila and Vijayakumar fall in love and plan to get married with the consent of her parents. In the meanwhile, suddenly one night Vijayakumar and the house maid are alone in the home. They both end up making love, and Kokila after her return remains unaware about this incident, though the maid is well aware of Kokila's affair with Vijay.

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