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Khoka 420 2013

a.k.a Khoka 420

Khoka 420 Director : Rajiv Kumar Biswas

Khoka 420 Plot

Krish (played by Dev) is the hero and Bhoomi (played by Subhashree Ganguly) is the leading heroine. Krish is the son of a rich man. Krish (has love interest in Megha (Nusrat Jahan). Megha also loves Krish a.k.a. Krishna. Their relationship goes fine until Megha meets Bhoomi (Subhashree Ganguly) and they become best friends. Bhoomi tells her best friend Megha about his rowdy and tough cousin who her family wants her to get married to but she does not want to marry. Megha gets worried about her friend and tells the problem to her boyfriend, Krish.

Box Office

Box Office : ₹ 8.58cr

Khoka 420 Cast