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Kayda Kanoon 1993

a.k.a Kayda Kanoon

Kayda Kanoon Director : Pradeep Mani

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Kayda Kanoon Plot

Former freedom fighter, Sinha, has always believed in the rule of the law over violence. He watches in disapproval as Police Inspector Dawood Durani is arrested, charged with killing his wife, Shehnaz, the daughter of Mirza Lucknowi. He also watches with despair when his pupil, Kishan Kashyap, frequently loses his temper over not getting employed, and when he does get employed as a Police Inspector, shows arrogance and contempt of the law. Sinha's views change dramatically when he watches two women being murdered by a man named Balu. When he reports this matter to Inspector Deshmukh, he is told to check his vision as Balu was somewhere else during this incident. When Sinha persists and decides to approach higher authorities, his lovely daughter, Kavita, the girlfriend of Kishan, is abducted, his Journalist son, Amrit, is killed, and his daughter-in-law, Vimladevi, may well be in league with the killers...

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