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Karungali 2011

a.k.a கருங்காலி

Karungali Director : Mu Kalanjiyam

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Karungali is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Karungali Plot

Karungali is a Tamil film directed by Mu.Kalanjiam. It stars Mu.Kalanjiam,Srinivas and Anjali in the lead. Kanimozhi (Sunitha Verma), a doctor by profession, is drawn to the Ravi because of his life-saving act and ultimately decides to marry him. She overlooks Ravi's brutal past life during when he had murdered many including Sengudi (Asmitha), who was with him right from the childhood days. She loves him but he appears quite satisfied by using her whenever he's driven by his sexual urge.

Karungali Cast

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