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Vidya Bagchi arrives in Kolkata from London to find her missing husband. Seven months pregnant and alone in a festive city, she begins a relentless search for her husband. With nothing to rely on except fragments from her memories about him, all clues seem to reach a dead end when everyone tries to convince Vidya that her husband does not exist. She slowly realizes that nothing is what it seems. In a city soaked in lies, Vidya is determined to unravel the truth about her husband - for herself and her unborn child - even at the cost her own life.

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Budget : ₹80 mn
Box Office : ₹1.04 bn

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[contains spoilers]

If you are thinking this is a tearjerker movie or something and are giving this a miss, you are at loss. This is one of the best thrillers to come out of Bollywood in recent times. The narration is really tight most of the times. Brilliant acting by all people in the film. About Vidya, all I can say is if she wins the National Award for this year too, it'll be a deserving win. The director has made Kolkota almost a character in the film. He beautifully captures the myriad expressions of the City of Joy. Bonus points for portraying the Intelligence Bureau officers in a rationally...

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