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The long-awaited rebirth of the greatest superhero team of all time: Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.

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  • Justice League: The Animated Series | Opening Theme | 1080p 【HD】 Bluray :)
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  • 13. Destroyer
    13 May '06
  • 12. Alive!
    06 May '06
  • 11. Ancient History
    29 Apr '06
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User Review
  • 4.5/5
By Rishank

This show is awesome. Not just as a cartoon, but as a TV show in general.

Justice League is a more accurate description of the DC Universe and the characters in it. One of the show's best qualities is that many of DC's best, brightest and unsung heroes and villains are represented in it, not just the really popular ones.

You might think that this show is only for kids. But these characters are so iconic and stories are so well written & action-packed,that U don't need to be a kid to like it.

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