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Irrefutable Proof 2015

a.k.a Irrefutable Proof

Irrefutable Proof Director : Ziad H. Hamzeh

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Irrefutable Proof Plot

A car crash prevents Jeanine Markham, a world-renowned astrophysicist, from delivering her controversial lecture about her findings. The accident puts Jeanine at the cross roads of conscious and subconscious, between Comatose and awake as she struggles to live. But even in her vegetative unresponsive state, her mind, slipping between the two realities, continues her quest to deliver the truth. For Jeanine's husband and others, accepting the irrefutable proof that she presents is unthinkable - that we're alone in the universe, that no deity hears or answers our prayers nor punishes our sins, that humanity is entirely the product of random events, and that our sufferings, indeed our lives and loves are ultimately pointless. Her journey, stuck between the two worlds, becomes shrouded by dark and mysterious events that create a whirlwind of tumultuous emotions and terrifying realizations.

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