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Dans ma peau 2002

a.k.a In My Skin

Dans ma peau Director : Marina de Van

Dans ma peau Plot

Esther is an ambitious 30-year-old woman. One fateful night at a party, she seriously hurts her leg, however can't seem to feel the pain. This incident propels her toward the start of a self-destructive compulsion, and an exploration of a professional woman's descent into increasingly disturbing and obsessive acts of self-mutilation.

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  • 2.5/5
By Sha Shewakar

In My Skin (French: Dans ma peau) is a 2002 New French Extremity horror film written by, directed by, and starring Marina de Van. It details the downward mental spiral of Esther, a woman (played by de Van) who engages in increasingly destructive acts of self-mutilation following an accident that injures her leg at a party.

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