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The constant comments on single life of 30 year old Johanne and society's expectations of the perfect family Christmas finally gets to her. Johanne starts a 24 day hunt for a partner to bring home for Christmas.

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Everyone else is loved up, matched up and ready to hit those family dinners this Christmas season. Everyone that is, except Johanne. Determined to fend off those prying questions on her love life, Johanne sets off to find the perfect date for Christmas. #trailer
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  • 3/5
By JVan
Not your everyday Rom Com

Home for Christmas is a series consisting of six episodes, it's originally in the Norwegian language but is available in English language. It follows in the footsteps of a RomCom.

Johanne is a 30 year old nursery who's spent most of her life taking care of patience and making sure they get the best treatment there is. After a failed relationship three years back, she never put herself out again to date. With her picture perfect family nagging her to find a man, being surrounded by all her married sibling who also have children, at the dinning table she blurts out a white lie that she actually does have a man in her life. Excited by the news her parents tell her to bring him home on...

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