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Susana Giménez, often shortened to SG, is an Argentine television talk show that has run nationally since 1987. Owned and hosted by its namesake, Susana Giménez, it remains one of the highest-rated TV shows in Argentine television history. Due to the popularity of the show, Giménez is usually compared to Oprah Winfrey. The TV show is one of the most successful in Latin America. The TV show is the only one in Latin America to receive dozens of international stars of Hollywood and Europe. Inspired by Pronto, Rafaella, hosted by Rafaella Carrá, the show was originally called Hola Susana and then Hola Susana, te estamos llamando. It has combined interviews, sketch comedy, games and live musical performances. Giménez has received national and international stars in what is known as her "living". In 1998 the show entered Guinness World Records because of all the letters Giménez received in her show, 32 million in total. Furthermore, during the first years of the show, telephone lines...

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