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Gulmohar 2009

Gulmohar Director : Gajendra Vitthal Ahire

Gulmohar Plot

Deven, an achiever and competent young man is married to Vidya who has loved him for whatever he was and whatever he wants to be. Yet the pace and anxiety of the city life with its unending demands takes a toll on their relationship. Deven's attitude to have everything his way doesn't help but puts his relationship though further strain. Even through all this, Vidya continues to maintain her composure and stride through to a successful career continuing to give her wholehearted love and care to her husband. She finds help in a young man Bhagwan. But their friendship was misunderstood and suspected, by her husband. The uneasiness haunts Vidya as she is catapulted between deciding to accept her fate or challenge the norms and redefine her destiny.

Gulmohar Cast

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