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Glas 2000

a.k.a Глас

Glas Director : Filip Apostolski

Glas Plot

"Glas" is the most widely circulated newspaper in the country. Editor-in-Chief Gligor agrees with a government minister to bring him into bankruptcy with one goal - to buy him cheap. To that end, they are appointing Anna as the newspaper's new director. Anna is a young journalist, full of enthusiasm, but inexperienced. She believes that the dirty and criminal games in the country are not the most important for a newspaper. In that sense, it's changing the newspaper's editorial policy - it no longer writes about the underworld. The circulation of the newspaper is declining day by day. Faced with the drop in circulation, she is in a dilemma, whether to continue to cover up the dirty things around her or to start publishing them, that is, to expose them…

Glas Cast

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