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Dus Numbri 1976

a.k.a दस नम्बरी

Dus Numbri Director : Madan Mohla

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Dus Numbri Plot

Inspector Shiv Nath is a honest and diligent police officer in Bombay, and lives with his wife, Radha, and a young son, Arjun. While making several arrests in connection with counterfeit money and drugs, he comes to know that his close friend, Karamchand is also involved in this racket. Before he could take any action, he himself is arrested by the police for possession of fake money and drugs, and sentenced to a jail term, but he escapes and his whereabouts are unknown. Radha loses her mind and is institutionalized, while Arjun takes to petty crime and on reaching adult-hood is the Don of the area known and feared as "Dus Numbri".

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