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Dil Hai Betaab 1993

a.k.a Dil Hai Betaab

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Dil Hai Betaab Plot

Meena is an attractive young lady who lives with her middle-classed parents in a city in India. Her father is Parshuram who works as a chaprasi (peon) with an organization run by the wealthy Vikram Singh. Meena meets with Raja, a fellow collegian, and both fall in love with each other. The two lovers run into problems when they find out that another young man by the name of Ajay also loves Meena and will not permit anyone to get in their way. But when Meena appeals to Ajay, he relents and gives his blessings to the young couple. Just when the two think the line is clear for them to marry, Meena's parents receive a proposal from Vikram Singh. Greedy Parshuram is delighted with this, and hopes that he will get a promotion for being the father-in-law of the owner of his employer. The question remains will Meena also react like her dad, and agree to marry Vikram?

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