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Darr is streaming online on Prime Video and SonyLiv.

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A woman is caught between one man's love and another man's obsession. She fears one and fears for the other. One stands for love and the other for life. Who will she choose?

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Budget : ₹3.25 cr
Box Office : est.₹21.31 cr

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User Review
  • 4.5/5
By MovieMavenGal

I have very mixed feelings about Darr. Darr means fear, which is frankly an emotion I didn't feel a lot while watching this movie. I chose to watch Darr on Halloween night, and I may have had too high expectations of how scary it would be. Creepy, yes, truly scary, not so much. It does stand out as one of Shahrukh Khan's best performances that I've seen, and this is movie 30 for me, so that's saying quite a bit. It's a must watch just for Shahrukh Khan's monologues alone.

SRK plays Rahul, who is obsessively in love with his college classmate Kiran. Or should I say, K-k-k-k-kiran, the trademark way he always stutters her name. Kiran has no clue that Rahul is obsessed with her, at...

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