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Chinna Madam 1994

a.k.a சின்ன மேடம்

Chinna Madam Director : Dilip Kumar

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Chinna Madam is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Chinna Madam Plot

Gopal is sentenced to the death penalty for killing his wife Gayathri (Vineetha). His last wish is meeting the feminist writer Tamilarasi (Nadhiya). He tells his past. Gopal was from a middle-class family and lived with his mother Sharadha (Vijayakumari) and his mentally ill sister (Vinodhini). He fell in love with, a rich city girl, Gayathri and he got married with her. Gayathri had often quarrels with Gopal because he was not rich. Finally, Gayathri removed her thaali and applied for the divorce. Heartbroken, Sharadha died of a heart attack. Gopal proceeded for his mother's cremation. Angry, he ran with a stick in fire and he discovered Gayathri in fire at her house.Tamilarasi decides at any price to save Gopal before his death.

Chinna Madam Cast

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