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Brochevarevaru Ra 2019

a.k.a బ్రోచేవారెవరురా

Brochevarevaru Ra Director : Vivek Athreya

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Brochevarevaru Ra is streaming online on Prime Video.

Brochevarevaru Ra Plot

Brochevarevaru Ra (translation: Who shall save the day?) is a 2019 Telugu language movie in which three criminals, a run-away girl, her three best friends, an aspiring director and a star cross paths making each others lives more difficult than they are used to. Will they come off better? Will the day be saved?

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User Review
  • 3.5/5
By Venkat Nadella
good show

Movie is filled with fun and thrill. Story was brilliant, it is about two separate stories of people which were linked with money. It also delivers a wonderful message to parents and about encouragement of arts. Everything is #entertaining and we can expect many #humorous scenes. This movie has love , #friendship and everything. it becomes thrilling by the second half. Main credit goes to the screenplay , it is the main plus point. I enjoyed the whole show . Climax is so satisfying and it is an #happyEnding as every one turns good , everyones problems are solved and gets backs to their normal life after realising their mistakes.

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